Wedding Costs

How much does a wedding in Slovenia cost?

A nice romantic wedding for 80 guests will cost you on average around 10,000€. This is excluding your honeymoon and your guests’ travel and accommodation costs. But the costs can vary significantly, so for more details keep on reading.

50% more affordable than a wedding in the UK or USA

If you decide to have your wedding in Slovenia, you can look forward to the most important day of your life in fairytale surroundings by this gorgeous alpine lake with its island in the middle, and stunning views of the forested area, rolling hills and majestic white mountains as backdrops.

Another wonderful advantage of getting married in Slovenia is the fact that an average wedding with 50 guests in the aforementioned dreamlike environment will set you back around 50% less than it would in the UK or USA. How amazing does that sound?

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How to minimize your wedding costs?

The cost of your wedding depends on many factors, but it’s soothing to know Slovenia still offers excellent value for money. While planning your wedding you should answer some of the main questions in order to economize on costs.

Although late spring and summertime are the most popular wedding seasons, try to rethink in terms of accommodation and restaurant costs which are considerably lower during other seasons. Additionally, Bled is not as crowded and temperatures tend to be milder and pleasanter.

Then you should decide on the number of guests. Would you be more comfortable with a big or more intimate wedding? Would you prefer a DJ or a live band? What kind of decoration would you like to have? Your wedding planner will be happy to calculate the wedding costs for you, as well as supply tips and suggestions on optimising your budget and keep track of the expenses throughout the planning process.

Let us help you design & organize an unforgettable wedding in Slovenia

The main expenses for a wedding in Slovenia for 80 guests

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Your budget is going to depend mainly on you and your wishes. The wedding and reception costs are of course intrinsically connected to the number of guests, whether or not the couple covers the flight and accommodation costs, the venue, restaurant or catering, band, decorations etc.


The average price for an overnight stay in Slovenia is around 80€/person. Of course you can also opt for more convenient or more luxurious options. Also important are seasonal prices, which are of course at their highest during summer, but everything depends on the particular venue and the level of luxury the accommodation provides.

Flowers & decoration

well-decorated table costs between 70€ and 100€, depending on what the couple has in mind. You can also go for 50€ worth of table decorations or up to 250€ and beyond. The price of the bridal bouquet is around 90€. Couples spend approx. 1,500€ on average floral decorations, but the price for lavish decorations can easily exceed that amount.


The average cost for a professional photographer ranges between 1,200€ to 1,900€. The service includes all-day photographing, a photo book, an online gallery and around 700 photos.

Wedding planner

When organizing a wedding abroad, it is always a smart idea to collaborate with a  wedding planner who will organize (at least) the most important parts of your wedding day. The cost of a wedding planner depends on the package and the range of tasks involved, and can range from 990€ and up to 5,000€ or sometimes more.

Wedding cake & dessert corner

The quote depends on cake decorations and design. On average the cake costs around 6€ a piece, but when we also add a sweet corner, to tend to your guests' sweet tooth, the total price can hit around 700€.

Makeup & hairstyling

Bridal makeup and hairstyling cost about 200€. If you are getting married abroad and you have a local wedding planner, take their advice regarding your hairstylist and makeup artist. They would suggest a reliable and experienced local expert for your best bridal look.

Venue & catering

The cost always depends on the wedding location, but you can expect a budget of around 100€ per person for an all-inclusive food and drinks service.

Flight costs

To help you calculate your travel costs, we’ve also selected a few average return flight costs to Ljubljana. Of course these also depend on your travel dates and how far in advance you book them, for example: London: 150€, Moscow: 200€, New York: 600€, Frankfurt: 200€ , Beijing: 700€.

Let us help you design & organize an unforgettable wedding in Slovenia


We offer a variety of fantastic wedding packages and gorgeous venues all over Slovenia. Our professional wedding planner will be with you every step of the way to guarantee an exciting, stress-free, all-inclusive organization of your dream wedding.

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