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Dream weddings in Slovenia

At the crossroads of Europe. The sunny side of the Alps. The only country with LOVE in its name. Slovenia has been called many things and all of them positive. Oh, here’s another one: A dream wedding destination. Do you want to know why? Then keep reading, because we’ll cover all the reasons on this page!

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that Slovenia is magical. In every sense of the word. It might be quite tiny compared to most European countries, but as the saying goes: big things come in small packages. And as far as diversity, natural beauty and cultural heritage go, Slovenia is huge. It therefore comes as no surprise that extraordinary wedding venues can be found everywhere.

Top wedding venues in Slovenia

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It would be difficult to list all the terrific wedding venues in Slovenia, for the selection is indeed very wide, but in terms of popularity, these are the top three.
Ljubljana Castle

Slovenia’s green capital has an enchanting castle guarding it from a hill. With its divine interior, cute medieval chapel and exquisite cuisine, the Ljubljana Castle is an all-inclusive venue fit for royalty. And the views, which stretch for miles beyond Ljubljana, are absolutely breath-taking.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is the symbol of Slovenia’s natural and cultural splendour. A cute alpine lake with a church standing on an island, a medieval castle on a cliff and stunning mountainous backdrops – Bled is a place straight out of a fairy-tale and can turn a dream wedding into reality.

Zemono Manor

The Zemono Manor House stands in the heart of the Vipava Valley, the scenic home of Slovenia’s top wines. Zemono Manor embodies the gracefulness of Slovenian architecture with the tranquillity of the surrounding countryside and the warm hospitality of the locals.

Slovenia’s nature is beyond compare

More than half of the country is covered in lush forests, making it one of the greenest places on the planet. From the majestic Alps with stunning valleys, pristine rivers and lakes, to the windy Karst with its maze of sunlit vineyards and all the jaw-droppingly gorgeous countryside in between – Slovenia offers the most unforgettably beautiful and ridiculously romantic scenery you could possibly imagine.

Slovenian history culture and tradition

Despite being a vibrantly modern country, Slovenia is steeped in history. We’re talking Roman ruins, medieval castles, pretty churches, ancient customs, all draped in a vail of inspiring mystery and legends.

Slovenia is home to the largest cave castle in the world and a spectacular cave with a baby dragon called the human fish. Yes, it’s all true. and guess what: you can get married at most of Slovenia’s fascinating landmarks!

Weddings in Slovenia and why to have them here

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Another wonderful thing about Slovenia is that it’s the perfect place to get married. In addition to its idyllic nature, rich culture, delicious gastronomy and a long list of other superlatives that make it a prime romantic destination, Slovenia also happens to be the most convenient place to get hitched. What do you mean by that, you ask? Well, let’s face it, getting married in a foreign country can have its perks, but usually a few downsides, too. Slovenia, however, only has perks. Here’s a short list of the main reasons why:

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Safety – Slovenia is the 8th safest country in the world.

Cleanness – Slovenia is among the world’s most environmentally conscious countries.

Travel – Slovenia is super accessible by any means of transport and getting around the country is incredibly fast and easy.

Accommodations – Slovenia has plenty of lovely accommodations available near any wedding venue.

Affordability – Slovenia is not an expensive place and prices are reasonable. Including weddings prices. But we’ll get to that.

Communication – Slovenes speak excellent English. Some speak several languages.

Uncrowdedness – Slovenia doesn’t have swarms of tourists everywhere, making it a relatively uncommercialized destination.

All types of weddings – Slovenia welcomes all types of weddings: civil weddings, church weddings, same sex weddings…

A wedding planner in Slovenia? Definitely!

Hiring a wedding planner in Slovenia isn’t necessary, of course, but it does come highly recommended. Figures have shown that the average bride can spend around 864 hours planning the biggest day of her life. Talk about a complex project! Imagine all the things wedding planning entails. Now imagine you had someone you could rely on completely. Someone who knew the location, the venues, the wedding suppliers, and every other aspect of planning your wedding in Slovenia.

The great news is wedding planners in Slovenia are among the best at what they do. Why? Because they’re immensely professional and experienced. Slovenia is called a dream wedding destination for a reason, and there’s always a lot of weddings to plan. Slovenian wedding planners are locals with extensive knowledge of the place and everything that comes along. And last but certainly not least, wedding planners in Slovenia are super friendly and communicate with ease. They are Slovenes after all.

How much does a wedding in Slovenia cost?

The average wedding in Slovenia costs around €14,000 (£12,000). Couples tend to spend between €10,000 and €18,000 for a tailor-made wedding with up to 50 guests. This does not include the cost for guests’ accommodation and your honeymoon. But let’s just say the only thing you really need to save up on is the courage to propose. The rest is priceless and affordable.

Did you know a wedding in Slovenia is approximately 40-60% cheaper than in the UK? Sure, the total sum of what you’ll end up paying depends on many factors, including location, choice of live band, decorations, number of guests, etc., but rest assured, you can splash out on a wedding in Slovenia and not make a too big of a dent in your wallet.

So, the prettiest surroundings, resulting in the best wedding photos; a culturally diverse, friendly and logistically convenient location; a stress-free wedding planning experience; and the best value for money imaginable.

We believe a dream wedding in Slovenia is in order.

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